Friday, February 25, 2005

blogspot beware

hmm.. been a tough one to make. but well, the decision's been made and i guess i 'll stick to blogger afterall. (sorry as i am.. cannot even put up a emoticon here :()
anyways, the point of changing blogs is ... well, there's no other point than to have a larger audiance. I guess, i started off thinking, this is gonna be something no one else reads - my blog is gonna b my online diary. (did u notice.. dairy is different to diary .. hmm and me thought - both were spelt the same. dumb me)
or mayb. just mayb. i mite still keep visiting blurty now and then. well. we 'll c.

fine - i know that one has two meanings. a pun. hey. would a list of all puns be cool? what says?

bad idea.

anyways... peace now.

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