Friday, March 25, 2005

7G - Brindavan Colony

this is one hell of a (unfortunately tragic) movie - of a genre, i havent seen in telugu cinema for over half a decade. There is a precision to the narration that keeps you involved in the movie, that relates you to it.

I haven't felt the need not to know the real names of the characters in a movie - just bcos i did not want to lose their identities - for a long time now. Now, thats a strong statement. But well, its the truth as far as i am concerned. Anita is how i want to remember Sonia Agarwal (unfortunately, i had to read the name in the article) as. Ravi is how i wanna remember the hero as.

This is one movie, i will remember for a long while to come. And feel saddenned too whenever i think of it. Now, that calls for some kudos to the director. afterall it takes something to work up some emotions - even from someone like me.

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