Tuesday, March 01, 2005

addiction to sunscreen

addiction is en route. I am writing this from class, the only one i have all day, and just 2 hrs of it, and i cannot stay off the blog. interesting me. :)

neways, whats new. I never liked class. Its been a while since i have been to a class that's really got attention from me. Mayb its something of an ego thing or something i believe makes me cool. ha! That analysis comes up from me making a quick getaway to cloud nine everytime someone wonders how i do good without attending classes. Not that i am numero uno in class, but i give the impression that numero uno would not stand a chance if i made it to all the classes. ha. quite the hypocrite...

another thing that does interest me is the total lack of any sense of competition in me. I can see people run past me and not feel a thing. I never had the pride - which i have come to know really keeps u goin afterall. I donot know now whether to feel sorry for myself or hmm... u guys must b feelin what a sorry character i am. Well.. really i am not. I seem to be following the words of a song, i heard years ago.. 'sunscreen' something - 'the most interesting 40 year olds i know - still do not know what to do with their lives'. I loved that song so much that i ended up making it my way of life.

damn... i love google... everything and anything.. u need or ever want.. hahha.. they get it all... i haven't been able to get the lyrics to this song for a long time now. until today when i tried google. hahha.. neways... cheers to google. I bet half of u have it as ur homepage. If not.. make it. Its the future. peace now. class is almost over. gtg.

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