Friday, April 22, 2005


Swades has to be amongst the best movies i have seen in a long time past and - i am guessing - for quite some time to come now. I guess its a bit late to be praising it considering the fact that its been over an year since it was released and this is not the first time i have seen the movie.

Its a movie that stands out for reality. Its something you can relate to. Nothing in the movie seemed fictional - every character was as close to reality as could be. Its a movie my grand children would be bored of seeing because I would make them to. I appreciate above all, the non-commercial nature of the movie. And when i say non-commercial i mean each and every tiny bit of alphabet that goes into what it means.

Swades for me is as sweet as the smell of wet sand on a rainy day in mid summer - back from where i belong. I hope to go back to my country. Not yet - But i will eventually return and it will not take me 12 years of United States to decide on that.

Cudos again to each and every character in the movie. Natural and intriguing - Swades is real to the core.

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