Sunday, April 17, 2005

We gotta chase better

Another lost series... hmm... not surprised.

2-0 to 2-4 , losing four matches in a row and three of them comprehensively. This from a team which started off the series saying 'we are not taking them lighly - they are a team which can bounce back' - the words were said more haughtily then they literally suggest. The indians have done actually what they said they wouldnt.

The defeats are tiresome and boring. I dont remember a match we have successfully chased in the near past. Not in the past few years for sure. I believe, we are the worst chasing team in the cricketing world. A chase has more to do with the mindset of a batsmen than his talent in comparison to batting first. You have to have it in you to win the game - I dont know what is missing. I cannot point a finger yet.

But i thin it has to be inculcated into batsmen through practice - be it in the first class level or through training or practice matches. The team should be exposed to more chases. I guess - next time india plays a series against a weaker side like bangaldesh or kenya or zimbabwe ( i cannot name any more - bcos all other teams appear equal or better) they should choose to chase whatever the conditions. If you win the toss on a good batting pitch bowl first - Its a way to learn. A way for the bowlers to learn and batsmen to learn as well.

And for lords sake - stop blaming ganguly for everything. He is one person who has brought a lot of respect and self belief to the indian team. I am tired of hearing people criticizing Ganguly even when he is not playing. People - dont be as fickle minded as that - This is one batsman who after not playing well for a long time now still has an average of 41.18. He is the only other indian batsman who has almost 10000 runs in ODI cricket. I am surprised how easily we forget a persons talent. One match someone gets out cheaply, I hear 2 out of 3 people saying he should be taken out of the team.

I think the selectors have to be more mature in their decisions. The ban might as well have come in a good time for Ganguly. I hope he utilizes the break well and gets his knack back. I guess Boycott needs to talk to him and remind him of the innumerable days where he had billowed into the commentry mike - Prince of Calcutta. The grace with which he had sliced the offside field for boundaries on countless occasions, the umpteen times he had danced down the track and sent the ball booming into the stands. How i wish he could come back for the SriLanka tour and be the batsman he always has been (until of late ;)).

Anyways - there's lots to work on. Hope the long break helps the indian team come out a better team. We gotta chase better. We gotta chase better.

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