Sunday, May 15, 2005

life & love

love is expectation. a lot of it. Love is pain. learn to bear it.
Love is life. unpredictable as is - It cannot be good all the time.

The wait is what worries me. Strange ain't it. Strange that the ones we care for are the ones that can hurt us the most. Love is strange. hmm. wierd at best. hehe.. i guess its for wierdos only. you gotta be wierd to enjoy it. Its like i enjoy the hurt, the pain. Well, duh...doesnt that make me a masochist.

Neways, news is love is out of fashion. You gotta give up the habit. find a new one, or you might be out of fashion urself. I dont know whether its me or the times. Anyways its a lot. for something as trivial. Aint worth it.

Hmm... looks like i crave too much... for attention atleast. well, who doesnt.

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