Sunday, November 20, 2005

fire ... fire...

too many images and too little to talk about.
Life turns corners and most of us never get to comprehend the intricacies that create this labyrinth that is life. Hmm.. words i would not have said, if i were talking with friends or i would not have even imagined if i were alone to myself.

When i started this blog i wanted it to be an expression of my true self. Well, it has been all but that. And then i moved to the images .. thought they would show me something i wanted to learn about myself. Not in a single read, but sometime like now, when i go back and see all my posts and try to make sense. hmm.. no results yet.

Maybe, i want popularity. Someone to just say, wow .. .great collection. vanity personified. isnt it?

long have i spent with angry waves and ample solitude, trying to figure out me.
trying to find a definition for happiness. Those days are gone now. I donot stop to smell the flowers, i donot turn to see the old man at the corner begging for alms. Maybe, i grew up. Maybe, i am one of them now. Maybe, i have become whom i despise.

well.. innocence lost. devoid if care and love, i roam the roads of ere ... the roads that lead back to themselves, the road from which i have no respite.. until i dare to walk off them.. and go towards a new star.

bizzare. something came in. i wasnt writing it.

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