Monday, January 09, 2006

five wierd things about me

1. I dont dream - atleast havent remembered a dream for years
2. I love soft toys
3. I like to punch walls
4. I can see with my eyes almost closed
5. I barely change channels when i watch tv. I can watch whatever anyone else is

sabotage :)


lojika said...

wel,hey, haler!!!
how did you get into my blog?!?

eneweiz, tenx for the sweet... i almost shed tears!huhuhuh....
tenx for tagging in

lojika said...

punch walls?!? why, walls?!?

Chaitu said...

well.. lojika.. thats why its in the wierd list.. i guess..

just blog searched to ur blog. Thanks for coming by.

SMR228 said...

Hey, thanks for the comment, it means a lot. I don't think I'd get back together with him, I have been moving on since the break up, this is just the first time I've written about it and felt it necessary.

I am what you would call a "channel changer" I'm flip through them super fast and never find anything to watch =P

*Jenn* said...

Hey, well thanks for the advice..though i dont think i went to bed with too many happy thoughts.. i had a bit of a better day, though, today..but the evening, again sorrowsome,..and upsetting and lonely- Thanks for stopping by, hope ya continue, i love the feedback! gee, where'd ya get the 5 weird things from, lol...cya