Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

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something about the night..

Are you a morning person?? hmm.. not me.. I am ur typical night owl.. just cant sleep..

For me, there's something about the nights..
something dark ... something ghoulish.. yet.. there's still the promise of the morning light. hmm.. lets not get all optimistic about this now.. because, beyond everything else .. late things are something i can ill afford. More often than not, late nights end up burning down my day... and the night after..
Well.. life aint sweet ... so things do catch up.. and u know what.. I should be sleeping now.. I 've got work to do tomorrow..
another pointless post.. i must have just posted an image.. hmm...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

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Friday, June 16, 2006

the vagaries

There are those who dont mind fading away into oblivion
and then there are those who will fight unto death.. just to be one of those who will be remembered.

Whether its the fight you will be remembered for or what you fought for, is insignificant. The ones that fight are the ones that make a difference.

where do u belong?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Copied from a cat........

I am thinking about - V & Me.
I said - wake up and smell the flowers.
I want to - eat some of them.
I wish - I could turn back time.
I miss - my bike.
I hear - the wind in the leaves.
I wonder - why i am not asleep.
I regret - four years lost.
I am - a self proclaimed 'hopeless'(wonder why) romantic.
I dance - as if my shoe lace were interwined.
I sing - alone.
I cry - and say i never did.
I am not always - evil.
I make with my hands - nature's best juice... Orange, i.e.
I write - crap.
I confuse - gin with rum.
I need - peace of mind and a plan to get there.
I should try - thinking.
I finish - everything i order and if there's anything else left.

Tag... hmm.. what's this

if u 've read it.. u know where ;)

Adam went to god and asked 'God, why did u make eve so beautiful?'
God replied 'So that u can love her.'

Adam: 'Then, why did u make her so dumb?'
God: 'So she can love u'

Moral of the story:??

Darna zharoori hain :)

husn ke naam toote hain baadshah'
husn ke naam loote hain jahaan
husn se thu zhara dharna..
husn se yaar.. zhara sambhalna..

husn mein hain ithni zor
ek jhalak se tujhe jhukadhe
husn hain ithni kathor'
ek pal mein tujhe mitadhe...

haseen hain woh ek pal...
kardhe tera jeena durbhal..
mere bhai.. husn pe naa karo kurbhan..
pyaara hain sabhse.. tera jaan

Monday, June 12, 2006

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