Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Copied from a cat........

I am thinking about - V & Me.
I said - wake up and smell the flowers.
I want to - eat some of them.
I wish - I could turn back time.
I miss - my bike.
I hear - the wind in the leaves.
I wonder - why i am not asleep.
I regret - four years lost.
I am - a self proclaimed 'hopeless'(wonder why) romantic.
I dance - as if my shoe lace were interwined.
I sing - alone.
I cry - and say i never did.
I am not always - evil.
I make with my hands - nature's best juice... Orange, i.e.
I write - crap.
I confuse - gin with rum.
I need - peace of mind and a plan to get there.
I should try - thinking.
I finish - everything i order and if there's anything else left.

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sonicthunder said...

An attempt at free verse?