Saturday, March 31, 2007

midnight Owls

No. not those OWLs. I have been reading 'arry Potter, but not enough to be thinking of OWLs yet. No not the flying ones, and certainly not those on paper. Now, I 've almost forgotten what i 've wanted to write about. well. I forgot totally.

While we are at it, lets talk Euthenasia. Sarika says she's all for it. Am I? Its relative, isn't it. Whats true for one or more is not so for another or more. I think abortion, Euthenasia etc. are case by case based. Hmm.. abortion. that i would say, is a mother's choice. Hmm.. not totally though. I agree with it's her choice until about 6 months into pregnancy [Now we get technical - is 6 months and 1 day a lot different that 6 months. Nope.] The time is where the problem arises as to the discussion. When do you deem a baby [I was going to say fetus.. but well] a baby? Why 6 months?

Either way, I am all against rules. No rule, no war, no progress, no humanity. Hmm.. and why do we have to connect humanity with progress. Does not having any scientific progress make us less human? huh... now I am sleepy. I gotta sleep.

BTW, that's a misnomer. Its early morning, isn't it? Its too early in the morning and too late in my life to be asking these questions. The real question is are these valid questions? Do i really need to worry? Will I have an impact on anything at all? Now actually, thats supposed to be a plural, because as i count - thats more than one question.

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