Saturday, March 31, 2007

wake up, wake up sunshine

A philosopher died. Another woke up half way through a dream and spoke of bountiful gardens, un -reachable all.. [maybe the reason why they were so].. but bountiful still. He realized not that sleep was a transition, something that did not define itself by its longevity, but by its persistence [maybe with a 'c' - the spellcheck works]. Continuation of what you did not intend is maybe persistence, but not the persistence that defines sleep. Sleep is essential. I am deprived of the essential. But not without my own interference. I could have but did not. Now the questions linger. But, could the questions be all that keep me awake? And thats another question. isn't it? [count++]

If you think, I 've gone crazy, you are not completely off track. Insomnia does things to you. Self induced insomnia does more. I wanted to say, i woke up but if you havent slept, could you wake up? I guess, you could say you woke up but, you really did not wake up.

Interestingly sanity is persistence too. Persistence to norms. And norms are human defined. So sanity is relative, because norms are. I want to look into the minds of people, see what they think. No, I do not want to know what's personal to them. But the thought process is what intrigues me. What happens in the sad electric/magnetic/'wish i knew what i was talking about' field that controls/is your thought process is what makes mine go haywire. Science??

'some tuesday evening, at 4 pm' [baz lehurmann] the truth will blind me. I am, aged as i am, supposed to be mature. Responsible for my actions and in them too. Another norm.

Wake up, wake up. Wake up sunshine. A glass of wine.. hmm.. might take me there. nighty night.

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