Monday, August 13, 2007

Life as the M


deleted for dumbness...


Sunday, August 05, 2007

a face behind another...

And then each chose a mask to hide behind.. Mine never felt to fit all that well.. clumsy at best.. but well .. a mask's a mask and once chosen there isnt a replacement.. maybe a slight adjustment.. but not a replacement. So, behind this mask i hide.. like the one before ..the one behind and the lot..

The mask's been around.. served its purpose well so far.. people seem to accept it.. for what its worth.. its deficiencies.. its whatever.. people believed the mask was me... Only a few were allowed to see beyond.. the few whose masks i tried to look beyond just to keep the deal fair enough... or so i thought...

But then at times, the mask seems to take over.. like there isnt anything beneath [or behind ... whatever suits you.. ] like the one behind the mask wasnt all that different.. like the one in the mirror was the same as the one without the mask on.. interesting huh? And then as i try to peel away.. the pain is immense .. like pulling out a part of myself.. like tearing off a limb..

The question haunts me... do i need the pain??.. why look within trying to find a face when the mask is the perfect replacement.. when no one seems to notice.. [not even myself at times..]
Why do i need to bleed... hmm .. which face is this i see in the mirror now? Is it me?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rowling fame..

And then it ended.. almost too quickly.. and the dark lord lay there... dead to the ones around.. dead to the ones that read on... seven long books later all it took was a harmless "Expelliarmus". Simple and sweet, aint it!

And then nineteen years went by and i was almost reading something out of a soap drama of sorts. And it all ended with saying that the scar did not burn in nineteen years.. as if it was all about him.. the dark one.

Glad its over. Dissappointed??... hmm.. not really..

you get attached to things you have been doing for a while.. reminds me of the eleven year old watch on this dude... he told me he hated it for having worn it everyday.. for as long as he had had it... but the romance of if it all was that he wore it for the girl who had given it to him.. eleven long years ago...
romantic ..huh? crap.

There used to be a me ..not so long ago..or so i think.. who would have gone wow on that.. but that me is lying somewhere... dead.. maybe buried next to riddle boy..
You know what.. i am kind of liking Rowling.. hmm.. more like the way i am a fan of Indian Ocean.. I love indian ocean.. more for the purity of music and the insanity of their passion for it than their music itself.. here... more for the kids + kids aged over 20 who stood for hours at end outside barnes and nobles and the kind.. than for the words that make the books itself...

hmm.. been pretty bland.. off we go...