Thursday, March 19, 2009


I had my taxes done today. I paid more than a third of the money i earned as taxes. Its not a lot when compared to approximately a 4 trillion dollar bailout being paid out to failed [I was going to say 'failing' - but well we had to pay because they failed] companies, but its a lot to me. I could have got out of debt, i could have saved the bit to pay for a house [or a loan to a house] but no. I paid my taxes. And where is this money going? Its not a question. I know the answer. Its going to fund a war i do not believe we should be fighting, Its going to greedy executives and politicians who are usurping a wonderfully huge sum of profit while millions are suffering and ironically
from the suffering of the jobless, hapless millions who have been deprived of the money they were saving for retirement after putting in years of service to the America they 
believed in. Its crazy and the hard part is i cant do a bit to change how things are going.

Everything is done according to the rules/laws. Its obvious - it would be the law because the people entrusted with making the laws are the ones that are feeding off the dying - [for lack of more appropriate words]. And why are they able to do this - because we did not care to question when they were slyly making the rules. Because we did not care to make sure everything that was being put to stone was being thorougly looked into - that the law makers were being watched upon. Why isnt there a limit to the greed and the greedy? because who's stopping when there's no one to stop you. What the hell were the FBI / CBI doing? They are the watch dogs - arent they. There's fraud all over washington. For christ's sake - there's fraud all over the country. Not on main street, not on 1st or 2nd street but on state street. There's no end to how tough it gets - when you are trying to get funding for something meaningful. Some child welfare program - some educational program. For christ's sake they are closing schools because there isn't money to fund them. But well - 4 trillion to dying corporations. No problemo. We will act out a few days of discussions / disagreements / and finally getting together for the good of the nation and passing the freaking bill and we will make sure there's additional clauses to make sure the damn ass rich execs get filthy rich bonuses and deny that we did not know of the existance of the clause because we did not read the freaking bill we were proposing - are you for real DODD? But schools closing, teachers losing their jobs - oh cant spare a penny. We are in an economic crisis you know. Who better to take it out on than the future generations. They arent smart enough yet to question us. 

Ofcourse, we have a war to fight. Dont we? The war against terrorism. Thats very important. And yes, it has to be fought in a country that had nothing to do with the act of terrorism that
we went to war in the first case for. Its just f***ing personal. Thats just it. And yeah, any of you leechers want to make some dough off it. Please help yourself. BlackWater/XE, Raytheon, KBR,
Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, whoever the f*** if you know one bald guy who can talk to the dumbass president, its party time. Eight years and that was all was needed. Eight years ago - Clinton left the white house - impeached. Why? Because he could not keep the zipper on his pants shut. Why? becuase the country was doing way too well financially. He had overcome the hole papa bush had dug us into. There was a fight against terrorism going on then too. But a more subtle one. But no. We needed someone more simple. Someone dumb enough to f*** up. Someone dumb enough, that whoever screwed the country - he would not even know. Actually he would be lifting the skirt off the country's ass and he would not know. The dude was really dumb or he was the perfect scam artist. Either way, he had the americans fooled. Whether it was while he was being fooled is any fools guess. Either way, the effect of whatever f**up he got us into in four years could have been stifled if only. But no. They wanted more. "Fool me once, your bad. Fool me twice, *** " In his own foolish words. 

So along came Katrina. And what did we do. Oh yeah, we saw it. We saw it alright. We saw the people die. We saw several lives destroyed in one way or the other. And then we saw more. 
For days, those people lie in the stadium - starving, dying. Nope. And then came the rescue missions. Another payout to the bald man's bootybaggers. One real funny thing i remember is they hired a few cruise ships - paying 1250$ a room [per week] to house the houseless. The ships lay there - 80% or so empty but being paid for. While all the people there requied was some place to shelter.
 And this is just one example. 200+ million dollars. for cruise ships on a rescue mission. That was plain awesome. So on and on came one government muck up after another. And the americans did not say anything significant enough to change anything. Why? because they were not feeling it. No pain seen financially. Because no one cares about the budget here. Budgets pass without a question being asked. Bills get passed without being read. Once passed, and the money is spent - no one takes a look again and sees whether the money spent was done so correctly. There isnt an audit process of sorts - it seems. 

That is what is missing. Accountability. Things once done are done. Forgotten. Why is every bill that is passed not audited? So some bills are written overnight. No one has read it except the 
guy who typed it maybe. Either way, the f***ing rep who is proposing doesnt even know how many pages are in the freaking thing unless he has a line in his speech about it. And the hundreds of elected asses out there. How many of them have had the time to read it. Well you could say, how can you expect someone to have read it overnight. I dont expect that. I want a read through period before the vote. If they are too lazy to read it - keep a hearing session. someone will create an audio copy of the same. There's a job. Create one to revive the economy. I know the bald guy's company will start doing this too and it will cost the american tax payer another 200 million for each of these audio recordings. What with all the training and technology that goes into an audio recording.

So that is what i want. Accountability. I want the executives who passed the laws to explain why the decision was made for each law. I want an explantion of all the bills passed during the last 10 years. I want an explantion of why the country's budget that was in surplus 8 years ago is in shambles right now. I want every tax dollar that was ineptly paid out to greedy asses paid back. There's a stimulus package. Compare current rates to what was charged. Ask why the employee from blackwater guarding food being sent troops in iraq was being paid 180K an year - while the soldier of the same rank in the army made about 1/4th of that. Let the questions flow. Make them answer. I am sure, the bald man has a lot to say. And i want to be able to hear that. Afterall, its treason and nothing less. What would you do to someone taking a bribe. If you caugt a police officer taking a bribe and letting a drug smuggler go - would you treat him the same as some of the gentlemen from washington are being treated. 

There's an effective way to react. Sometimes examples have to be made to make sure some treachery of the same stature is not repeated. Now is the time for examples. And also, the country needs some cash to get out of this mess. Who better to take it from than the ones who stole it from us. Rise and shine people. Time to make the dogs pay for their crimes. They stole from you. They stole from me. They stole from America. And make sure no one in washington is auditing. There's too much of the crap going around. Assign proper investigators. Someone from the schools of education. Someone from the courts of the country. Someone who will make the right choices. Someone who will make them pay. In cash and kind.

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