Sunday, March 29, 2009

why aren't we nocturnal

Come to think of it, it seems to be appropriate for human beings to be nocturnal. I am not thinking of ages ago when we were prey, and had to hide from the predators of the night in the safety of our caves... whatever. 

It does make sense to turn the day around [or the night.. half full.. half empty.. who cares..]. Consider this for a moment. The proverbial eight to five work life is shifted to eight in the evening to five in the morning. Think of it. Around five or six in the morning is when i feel the sleepiest - specially on those nights that i am awake until around the time. So, its like you come home from work and go to sleep right away. I think thats about the time i am most tired and unwilling to do something. The immediate few hours after i come home from work. And what better to do than to sleep at those times. So considering you fell asleep around 6:30 or 7:00AM and you wake up around 3:00 or 3:30PM. You have roughly five hours of whatever you feel like doing and most of it is daylight time and not too warm and not too cold. Hmm... the perfect four hours before you get ready for work. Interesting?? hmm.. maybe not as much.

I actually wanted to make this feel like you would not be confined to a cube or office during the time when the sun's shining the brightest. The essense of it is, you could do a lot more stuff during the day than in the night. Either its too dark.. or too cold or too 'closed' for anything fun during the night. Sounds like the perfect time for work!

If nothing at all - you wouldnt go out for lunch and see what a wonderful day it is and not feel bad about having to go back to your cube and "work" while all the light is going wasted. It happens too often and you start thinking... hmm.. what if I was nocturnal.. I would have more daylight in my life than what i currently do.

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journeyer said...

nocturnal is good; I so like the 4~5hrs of daylight to do whatever idea.