Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the supreme - please

omnipotent and omnipresent - is how most religions tend to term 'God'. Now then.. lets see what these words actually mean. 

Omnipresent - being able to be present at all places at the same time. So for someone to be present at multiple places at the same time - their velocity should be infinite. Meaning they should be able to travel from one place to the other in no time at all. Here time is what defines the term omnipresent. Consider a second to be the lowest 'time' period a human being can visually percieve - i think most of us can do better - i believe ~16 times better... but either way lets assume its a second. So as long as someone can get from anywhere to anywhere within this time frame - they can be considered as omnipresent. Now to the naked eye they would be omnipresent - but lets consider we had one of those super slow motion cameras ... would that someone still be considered omnipresent?? So all someone needs to be able to do to become God is break this time barrier. 

Its the same deal with being omnipotent. Time is the culprit. Lets take an example. Only the omnipotent god can split the ocean in two. Now logically speaking - splitting the ocean is taking out the water from a section of area quicker than it takes for the amount of water to get back in. Here again you just need to break that visible time barrier. 

Now coming to the real question. I think it is a plausible thing that there exists extraterrestial life. Consider that there was an alien who could do all the above - would you still be worshipping the alien? Consider that there is one alien who basically is able to control all life on Planet Earth and maybe Planet Earth itself. Would you still be willing to worship this alien considering that this is no more than a science project for the alien who is one among a million others who have planets of their own.

My question, as seems to be always, is what is religion to you? What is God to you? Is it what you need to get some sense of security into your life? Someone powerful who you know will be looking after you and will forgive you for all your sins. Someone more than yourself to look after you - because that's a good feeling always. I have had that while living with my parents for a huge portion of my life. I bet most others did too. But is it worth pretending when you know you have to fend for yourself?

hmm... I should stop writing about religion. I do not want a fatwa issued against me. Afterall i am questioning people's sense of security.

The funny side of it is - For someone who is present everywhere, God's a very elusive guy. I have never run into him on my way to work or in the grocery store. 


kiran said...

amigo, dont forget, there is an absolutely amazing thing about religion - its the only concept in the world that can invoke both fear and hope at the same time..... how much we want to believe..... now that's a matter of interpretation

Macaulay said...

Sure people worship aliens -- you heard about Xenu? Check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenu out for more details. The construct of religion is almost primordial - this is the crutch we use to explain things we cannot as yet. Stephen Hawking says that eventually, the only way God will manifest himself is in the initial conditions of the universe -- of course, this is once we are able to explain everything that happens in the world scientifically and eliminate all scope for God to exist in the day-to-day life.