Friday, September 18, 2009

aarambh hai Prachand

There's a lot of things i like about 'Gulaal' the movie. The foremost of which is the song 'Aarambh hai Prachand'. There's just something about the song - the lyrics, the way the song is sung - something that gets me all pumped up and ready to take up arms and ...hmm.. well.. pumped up might just do it.

Of late, i have been thinking of the song and what a great background song to a martial arts [swords and spears - the Rajput kind] and dance show it would make.
Consider this:
A story about a rebellion - of battle - of an army led by a warrior queen - the finishing act of which would be the queen flying like a tigress over her soldiers - her long black hair flowing, sword in hand - raised above her eyes burning, almost as red as the long tilak that adorns her forehead bringing down death to the evil king. hmm..

the attached image is the closest i could get online to what i wanted it to look like.. dude.. i need to start painting too :)

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