Friday, November 13, 2009

the recluse

she bares her skin in see through lace..
and dances nights away on crowded floors..
as her curls move in tune with her swaying arms..
behind closed eyes and open lips.. she thinks..
I am one of them tonight..

the recluse, her life an open book,
her soul hidden from those who care to read..
she's the girl with the sweet smile..
she's the one that was yesteryear's dream..
but tonight she dances in deep necks and short skirts..
baring all but showing nothing..


Journeyer said...

super super. Nice photo to along too!

Chaitu said...

hehe.. naaku koncham variety gaa anipinchindi.. i was bracing for some "constructive criticism" :)


On The Move said...

Nannu ilaa misunderstand chesukuntey i'll stop wearing short skirts, babu..