Thursday, February 04, 2010

a note to myself....

It isn't everyday that I come across people whom i relate to poetry. Today is one of those days - rare as they come. I have not known this person for long, but today i discovered i have not known the person at all.
I read a blog today that brought a smile to my heart. There's an innocence to the words in the blog, something i have not seen in a while now. Not everyone is lucky to live a life of such honesty and i am happy for the person. It makes me want to be like the above mentioned - makes me want to relate with others with the same honesty and beauty of an approach to life as is mentioned in the words that make the blog. The words were proof enough of the honesty of the emotions and that is what i want to aim for in life henceforth. Big promises - but deeply felt.


3Lok said...

Sorry to leave such a long comment. But I wanted to share with you some of Frederick Wilhelm Nietzsche's words. Maybe you will find the curiosity to read his book after reading this comment.

"People have never asked me, as they should have done, what the
name Zarathustra precisely means in my mouth, in the mouth of the first Immoralist; for what distinguishes that philosopher from all others in the past is the very fact that he was exactly the reverse of an immoralist.

Zarathustra was the first to see in the struggle between good and evil the essential wheel in the working of things. The translation of morality into the metaphysical, as force, cause, end in itself, was HIS work. But the very question suggests its own answer.
Zarathustra CREATED the most portentous error, MORALITY, consequently he should also be the first to PERCEIVE that error, not only because he has had longer and greater experience of the subject than any other thinker--all history is the experimental refutation of the theory of
the so-called moral order of things:--the more important point is that Zarathustra was more truthful than any other thinker. In his teaching alone do we meet with truthfulness upheld as the highest virtue--i.e.: the reverse of the COWARDICE of the 'idealist' who flees from reality.

Zarathustra had more courage in his body than any other thinker before or after him. To tell the truth and TO AIM STRAIGHT: that is the first Persian virtue. Am I understood?... The overcoming of morality through itself--through truthfulness, the overcoming of the moralist through his opposite--THROUGH ME--: that is what the name Zarathustra means in my

Gayathri said...

Can we get a link to the blog or is it a secret? :-)

Jyo Girl said...

yeah , this makes me curious! can we get the link to the blog :)