Saturday, May 15, 2010

work and breakfast...

The weather hasn't been very helpful of late. The rain doesn't always help. Especially on one of these mornings. Its going to be a long drive to work today and it does not help at all that its raining. But work is one of those things - it needs to be done and thats all there is to it.

I don't have to drive as far everyday - but today i have to. I had packed my briefcase, ironed my shirt, put a neat pair of socks next to my dress shoes and the kind yesterday night - it was going to be a long drive and i would rather start early. And being prepared helps - it always does. It has saved my rear a few times before. It must have done for you too. So thats what i am. Prepared.

Its a nice cabin i have here. It isn't too big. It sure isn't something you would see and go 'wow' about. But its nice. I don't have too many neighbors. There's the Robinsons next door.. well ... not really next door but at the end of the road. They are not loud anyways - and i like that. I can afford an apartment in the city - i really can. I get paid really well. But i like this. Its peaceful. I have lived in the city before and there's way too many ugly, insensitive, nosy people around. I am glad i moved. I have always liked being around nature. It soothes me. So you can sense the excitement when i saw this cabin for sale. The previous owners were dead and the person who acquired the property had moved to Europe and did not want some cabin in the woods. I knew i had found my place.

I have had the briefcase for a bit too. It has character. That's the only thing you would notice to be odd about my attire if you looked at me long enough. I am not too tall, not too fat, not too good looking, never overdressed, never under-dressed. I am the ordinary guy. You would see right through me unless you knew me in person. And very few people do. Today i put on a grey shirt and black trousers to go with my black shoes. I had contemplated a tie last night. Today I won't need one. I open my briefcase, make sure i have everything i need, close it and lock it.

Volvo's are exceptionally good cars. Underrated but wonderfully reliable. I drive one. I reverse the SUV into the garage when i park. It's easier when i have to drive out. I put the briefcase on the floor before the passenger seat and start driving. The cabin is at the dead end of the road -The one that starts with the Robinsons house. I have the woods behind me - the woods i love to hunt in. The woods i know every inch of - the woods  that i wander around whenever i get time to. But that is another day's story.

I drive out into the rain towards the huge city that spreads out an hour ahead. An hour and a half later, I drive into the parking lot of the metro station i have parked at during the last few visits here. Its early and not many have come in yet. I have time for breakfast. I leave the briefcase in the car and head out into the city. Thats about the only thing i like about the city. There's really good breakfast places and most are open as early as can be. I have a long hearty breakfast and wait until its about time. I can see most of the people are in their offices by now. I have a good view of the building i am visiting today from here. It's about 10 in the morning and the building manager has come out for his first cigarette. I call in from a pay phone and make sure the lawyer is in his office.

I pace back to the volvo get into the front seat and make sure there isn't anyone around. I open my briefcase take out the AMT, make sure the safety's on, pull down my pants and holster it into the holder on my right thigh. I stick the silencer into the strap on the left. I pull my pants back up, take the fake id i made for the office in the building and close the briefcase and put it on the floor before the passenger seat. I get out look at my reflection in the car to make sure everything looks in place and head towards the building. I slip into the apartment block next to the building, wait to see the manager finish a cigarette and go back in, and then jump over the wall separating the buildings and land right next to the dumpster. I run across to the door left unlocked by the manager and sneak in. I head to the elevator and take it to the floor where the offices of the badge i am wearing are. I head straight to the restroom, lock it behind me and take out the AMT and fit in the silencer. I undo the safery and hold it in my trouser pocket and start walking towards the stairs with my hands in my pockets. The law office of Hendrickson L. Freid is two floors down. I take the stairs and walk up to the reception.

"Is Mr. Freid in the office?"
" Yes. Is this Mr. Kensington? You are early for your appoi......" Her head or whatever is left of it hits the chair. The AMT's, small as they are, are perfect for close range shots. I open the door to Mr. Freid's office. He looks older in person in comparison to the picture I got from my 'client' and looks perplexed that his receptionist had not announced my arrival. He falls down in a heap on the floor next to the wall - now splattered red with blood and brains. 'pretty smart ones too', I think.

I borrow a file from his desk, put the AMT in it, close his office door behind me making sure I don't leave marks, and lock the door behind me after changing the sign on the door. It now reads Frederick L. Freid L.L.C.'OUT'. I take the elevator down, walk out of the front door and head to my car. In days gone by, I would have had to worry about getting rid of the gun. Untraceable bullets are a god send. The beard, double chin and extended fake thicker eyebrows will have to wait until I get home. They will go into the fire along with the file from the lawyers office. I take the long route back home. Its fun to drive in the rain when you are not in a hurry to get somewhere.

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Nice one! did not see it coming :)