Friday, August 27, 2010

an evening to forget

walked into serenity one day, and figured it was time to talk..
way too many words had been left unsaid.. in the bygone walk..
found a fallen trunk, sat myself down and piled rant on rant..
and on i went, for ages it seemed, about things i could and didn't...
she smiled all along.. listened the length and finally said..
lets walk on live too much in the life past and lost...
there's beauty in these woods,  of which i have read..
i 'd like to remember today for that than for words i shouldn't have heard...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the 'most things in moderation' guide

Don't be vegan - be a weekday vegetarian

Two beers is plenty for most occasions.

40 hours a week - means 40 hours a week.

80 in a 60 zone is pushing it. +9 is perfect for most states.

a movie a day is more per month by a lot plus a few.

2 hours of work out per day??? WTF?? r u going to war?

roses for the lady.. everyday?? you should see dil chahta hai..

two/three/...../n timing - either you 've got to be woods or well.. are you really?? i need an autograph..

feeling wretched about watching the Indian team get pummeled?? what's new??

feeling proud about being indian - when Aamir khan says so after showing Indians being rude to visitors.. We 've got miles to go and miles to go... and so have quite a few others

saving hard to become a millionaire?? today's not going to come back.. and its okay to become one an year later than you would have.. as long as you 've had fun getting there..

almost a packet a day???... dude.. might as well finish the packet.. you don't have too many of these days left...

eating out everyday?? ghar ka kaana.. very good very good.. outside eating.. kabhi kabhi..kabhi kabhi..

dress like you own the place?? why not.. as long as you remember you don't..

sleep too much??? lucky you :)