Saturday, October 09, 2010

nuts and bolts

Whom do u talk to when you 'have to talk'? With whom can you be 'yourself' and not be judged or feel insecure that you would be? who can take you for what you are and still come back tomorrow feeling the same about you - even after what happens today?

People need outlets - it's a complex thing - this life. Things don't always balance out - so its tough to stay sane. Everyone needs someone who can be that 'washer' in this nut, screw, bolt combination thats life. [Screw seems like the right word for it too :)]. Someone to balance out this complex equation.
Friends unlike washer's are unfortunately tough to find/replace - especially the ones that fit well. Try hard and find the correct fit - and if you do find one... hang on for dear life. You are one of the fortunate few.

And one final piece of advice - don't screw around too much with the washers - they are a sensitive lot and are known to wear down very quickly :)

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