Wednesday, November 17, 2010

and life goes on...

Days like today make me realize the insignificance of my existence. Days where i wake up to hear someone's world break up with the loss of a dear one.. Days, I know, I will not remember as long as the ones who lost their all... Days .. i wish.. would not have happened but can't do a darn thing about... Days.. i know..  will just go on  as if nothing has changed.. at least nothing significant has.

The pain passed through.. and away.. way too quickly. In another world, the pain would have stayed - i would have done something as simple as go to the person who is in pain and lend a shoulder. But this is not my world.. I am back at work within an hour. Back into the grind that dictates who i am and what i do. And I realize, who i am and what i do is so insignificant that it will not make a significant difference if i am not here tomorrow. And what am I giving up for such an insignificant thing is what makes me wonder.. what the #*%$ am i doing here.

I, like many around me, have made mine a life where whatever happens, I still do what i would have done if it hadn't happened. And then i realize - life in general is like that. It will go on .. and you can't do a darn thing about it. As far as yours and mine are concerned, the best we can do is make the most of what we have today and try to do something that will make it better - for the ones who care about us. Because, tomorrow's sun is a certainty, but only for what goes around. Not for you or me.

In words i remember 'I am sorry for the one who's gone. But i am worried for the one's who live on.'

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