Sunday, April 10, 2011


 "The world does not revolve around you"... in fact - it does not even rotate around you.. unless of course .. you are at the axis.. and mind you... the axis is a darn cold place to be at...

btw.. if its any consolation at all... the moon does revolve around you.. but the last time i checked there wasn't anything worth bringing back from there... all the Americans could get from there after travelling ~380000kms ... was some rocks and dust.. so.. you know.. go dance your little dance..


K said...

what brought about the I? I am curious :)

I remembered a conversation I had with a fellow blogger and our dear frd V a couple of years one fine blogging day he figured there were over 20
"I"`s in his tiny paragraph :) insignificant story but keeps my I`s under check atleast sometimes :) If they start writing "i" instead of "I" do you think we would be better off?

Chaitu said...

It would be a good start anyways :)