Wednesday, June 29, 2011

building bridges

Some long, some short, some rickety, some strong - bridges, like human relationships, come in all shapes and sizes. complicated as they are, its not ever easy to build them right. But its been done - and people have learnt to do so - some from mistakes and missteps and some from pure brilliance of foresight and carefulness. 

From experience, I have learnt that the ones that are the strongest and last the most aren't so because they have been built well in the first place - but also that there is constant work involved in keeping them intact. It is the same with relationships - you need to make the effort and constantly so to keep them intact. 
My better half told me that its not about making more friends - but its about spending the time on the few that you already have - that makes you happier. She, as in most cases, is right :)

It's a lonely place - this home away from home - and I guess the place we call home wouldn't be any better too - if there weren't people/friends to share with. I think there is solace in family, but social animals that we are - there's always the want for more. I have been lucky enough to find a good group to work with. Considering that I spend atleast a third of my weekday at work - its actually super nice that its the way it is.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Baarishein baarishein...
barse aaj .. ashq bhanke boondhein...
tarse aaj phir.. rooh tere aah mein...
bheege aaj phir... naina tere raah mein..

sochoo milke kyu hueh hum judhaa
tha nahee kehna mujhe alvidaa...
tum gaye tho tham gaye ..
yahee hothe ghum gaye..

ab dho saawan ho chale..
abh tho hat jaa ei baadhalein..
hone dho phir subhaan..
khilne dho phir aasmaan...