Wednesday, June 29, 2011

building bridges

Some long, some short, some rickety, some strong - bridges, like human relationships, come in all shapes and sizes. complicated as they are, its not ever easy to build them right. But its been done - and people have learnt to do so - some from mistakes and missteps and some from pure brilliance of foresight and carefulness. 

From experience, I have learnt that the ones that are the strongest and last the most aren't so because they have been built well in the first place - but also that there is constant work involved in keeping them intact. It is the same with relationships - you need to make the effort and constantly so to keep them intact. 
My better half told me that its not about making more friends - but its about spending the time on the few that you already have - that makes you happier. She, as in most cases, is right :)

It's a lonely place - this home away from home - and I guess the place we call home wouldn't be any better too - if there weren't people/friends to share with. I think there is solace in family, but social animals that we are - there's always the want for more. I have been lucky enough to find a good group to work with. Considering that I spend atleast a third of my weekday at work - its actually super nice that its the way it is.


Charan said...

well said Chaitu!, as always :) ... except one thing ... Vaishu gurinchi edo, most cases she is right annavu choodu, adi konchem objectionable :P ... idi rasetappudu vaishu pakkane unda? ... j/k

Chaitu said...

abbai.. ardham chesukovalsindhi enti ante.. 'most' is a relative term..