Saturday, December 24, 2011

two cards

raise a few, drop them cold
bluff a bit, hold on tight
play it slow.. let them go..
you have two, i have two.

step it up, once a while
hide them good, fold them hard
read that tell, tip them well
pay for the flop, fold the river

either way, remember still
the luck lords always have their fill
and if you thought it was all about skill
you might end up losing more than nil :)

the past and the present

I 've earned and squandered
I 've lived and wandered
and not one time pondered
what life would 've been - if i hadn't meandered

been a gander.. been a player..
walked the line... lived them layer
and never once in all these year
have let it seep deep past the veneer

left some square.. followed some long
lost them along.. and found some again
and it all with none some flair
for men desire what we not deserve

a penny's worth is what we are born
and a penny's worth is when we leave
and all that's gathered in the midst
is what we leave and what will live

Gather wise and gather in numbers
for memory serves only the ones touched.