Monday, May 28, 2012

back to basics....

What we see around and is as is, we try to define and quantify. The human mind is a complicated mess. so complicated that we haven't yet understood it well enough. And there goes the quantification again.

When you look at it, nature defines a set of rules. Rules which to most animals is 'nature'. Its just the way it is - and there just isn't another alternative. Take love for example. Take any animal - wolves seem to be good for stories of late.. lets stick with them. Once partnered, one risks all for the other and when the kids are born, they risk it all again for the survival of the kin. This the human eye sees - and calls 'love' and then we quantify the term. 'Do you love me enough to do XYZ?', 'how much do you love me', 'am i important enough' and the lot. This is a folly of the free mind. The devil's workshop kind of free. We invent terms and quantify them to complicate our otherwise 'natural' life and the relationships we bear among each other.

This again is the devil at work - for as is observed, the poorer a family, more often than not the more tightly coupled are them in all. But as living, the process itself gets easier, and people have time to spare - time they would have spent making ends meet - they tend to make life and relationships more complicated. The family that struggles to put food on the table on a daily basis, have less time to analyse and in general ...,be unhappy and tend to enjoy the little time they get to spend with their close ones.

Most of us, it seems so, are on paths that we assume will make us happy and satisfied with what we have one day. The well versed phrases of 'Life is what happens when we are making plans for it' and the kind have become all but cliches. Everyone seems to know and understand the importance of living the moment but very few seem to actually implement what they know. This seems to affect our relationships adversely too. The solution could be to bring out the animal in us. Put this messy brain of ours to use to differentiate what is natural from what is its own manipulation of nature and stick to the basics. We might end up a 'more' satisfied lot after all.