Sunday, April 28, 2013

words from a different world..

"phil hal tho hum saas lerahe hain...
par jeena tho usi din chod diya.. jis din tum gaye..."

I was going through old mails .. emails from almost 10 years ago .. and it seems like a different world altogether. I do not recognize the person who wrote those words anymore. It was me 10 years ago but then I see what has changed in the 10  years and am trying to make sense.

Also as i go through these old emails - I can see how careless I have been with people - and have not reached out to people when they needed the most. Maybe it was the fallacies of youth or just me being stupid - either way I should have cared a little more - I think. I spent a lot of time yesterday night reading through the emails and it kind of makes me understand who I was and maybe a bit of who i am. Its nice to be able to look back at time and have a record. Because we tend to forget and there are some things we need to be reminded of - now and then.

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