Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Holding on...

in word unspoken and sides not taken
in desires unexpressed.. in differences not sorted..
in arguments meaningless.. and making up kisses missed
We 've lost the love we've shared...

In evening and nights away.. in the many calls not made..
in the umpteen apologies untold... in the few moments not cared..
in hugs not hugged and hands not held..
We 've lost the love we've shared...

In proving myself right.. one more time you - I 've wronged
yet in every breath hence taken - for you i've longed...
forgiveness though time and again  have I seeken..
 yet with every turn ..'us' we 've foresaken.. 

tear not now.. my darling love..
for what remains now..is a void..
one that neither of us can fill..or will..
fly on now... be that little dove..

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