Thursday, August 01, 2013

In due time...

I was looking through old political and historical maps of India and came across this website with a few very interesting (for me) maps.

The lesson from the exercise (to me again.. ) seems to be that 'in due time' everything changes. What  we celebrate/regret today WILL change again and again and eventually end up being something totally not resembling what we so sincerely advocate/support the state of. And then it will change some more.

Makes me Wonder - What would a really global world look like? One in which - there are no borders. Wait - that's already there. There's no real borders. Borders are but imaginary haphazard lines we draw to.. hmm.. i don't really know the exact useful purpose they serve.
Either way - what would a world without  these imaginary borders - look like? One where a human is a human - not an indian, not an american, not a muslim, not a christian, not an atheist, not a republican, not a democrat - but just that - a human. That would be one big leap forward - wouldn't it?

Anyways, time to stop dreaming and actually start sleeping :)

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