Friday, January 22, 2016

the MLC

As i drive along, a lot many times, i see people standing over bridges - just staring down at the freeway. Watching the cars fly by. watching people pass through. Thousands of stories - a moment of which - they become part of - while all of these moments together adding up to nothing of an afternoon for the ones on the bridge.

My days - of late - seem to resemble more and more - like standing on the bridge watching the traffic flow through under. There's many a story going around - none of which i seem to be of any importance to - or able to make an impact on. Life goes on. And like the ones on the bridge, I eventually get up and head home.

The little ones are the only ones that seem to provide some rhyme and reason to my days - the only silver lining. Maybe this is what midlife crisis is - maybe i should buy myself a bike :) Wait - is 35 like mid life? hmm.. 

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